Friday, September 30, 2016

How to waterproof hunting boots

Most of you probably have a type of trail that he or she prefers. Boots are one of the most essential parts of the equipment every hunter must have. Stalking in the woods, waiting for it in the tree stand or climbing mountains, in all cases you need a pair of boots that must be comfortable and lightweight, your main point is to stay focused on the hunt and not to end up with pain in your feet. Another thing that is crucial for all hunters – your feet must be dry all the time, you must take care of this because you don’t want to end up your hunt with cold or wet feet. You can put away any other item, but you will always need your boots. If you haven’t made a purchase, or you are looking for a new pair of boots, visit this link to find the best hunting boots for 2017 that will fit you the best. Once you have your desired pair of boots, continue reading this article about waterproofing your hunting boots.
Hunting boots
Hunting boots
There is a myth that waterproof boots need to be bought, and if yours are not waterproof there is nothing you can do. Well, it is true most of the good boots are made to be waterproof, but they may not be comfortable for you, and you may break them down, especially, if you are hunting in rocky, step terrains. Maybe, you are not willing to pay the price for the boots that are said to be waterproof. There are many reasons why you wouldn’t like to buy those boots but you don’t need to worry at all, because this myth is busted – follow this article and you will learn how to make any boots waterproof.

What you will need

These items are easy to find and not expensive at all, you probably have most of them in your home

  • Towel – before doing anything your boots must be clean – use any towel you like, it will be need just to wipe the boots
  • Wax – some tutorials may say that you can use candle – although it is not bad for the boots, it is recommended to buy wax for this process as it is easier for applying. There are many waxes on the market and it doesn’t really matter which will you choose and if you are not sure, try Sno Sneal, here is link to order it.
  • Brush – the brush is needed for applying the wax on the boots, there is no rule for this too, you can use any brush you like, even old tooth brush (you won’t use it again to brush your teeth). However, if the brush is thick it will be easier for you to apply the wax.
  • Electric heat gun – you may not have this item, but don’t worry, you can substitute it with any heat gun or a hair drier, they will work as well.

Once you have all of these items, take your boots and begin.


Hunting boots Explanation

  • Before doing anything with the wax or drier, you must check your boots and make sure they are clean. If your boots are new, it is ok you don’t need to do this, if not, just wipe them with a towel to collect the excess – you don’t want your boots to collect dirt. 
  • After this, pick one boot up, take your brush and rub the wax on it. You want to make your boots waterproof so don’t miss any part, keep going until you have covered the boot completely. Use the same technique for the second one.
  •  Next, use the heat gun or hair drier. You can use it to dry both boots at the same time. The wax will leave traces on your boots and you need to use your drier to make them disappear. There is no time recommended, even if it is your first time, I am sure you will notice when it is enough. Again, go all around the boot with your drier, do not miss any parts. It may be easier for some of you, to go one by one boot, and that is ok, unless you prefer the other way. The drier will cause the wax to be absorbed into the boots. 
  • It won’t take much time and after you finish with drying them, it is time to check if they are really waterproof. Take a glass of water and slowly pour it over the boot. If everything is done correctly (I am pretty sure you can’t make any mistake), you should notice that the water doesn’t make the boot wet. The water won’t get into the boot and your boot will remain dry. The same is with any other liquid. If the boot gets wet, that means that you haven’t covered all parts and you will have to repeat the process.

Simple as that, you have done it – your boots are waterproof and you are ready for hunting. If anything of this was unclear, or you feel like you need some more info about this topic you can watch this video, just to get a visual of what you need to do.